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  • Q: Is Tolkien Index a conventional wiki?
  • A: No. Although Tolkien Index utilizes the MediaWiki software, the project is not open for anyone to edit. For questions and comments, please contact us.

  • Q: Why aren't Quenya and Sindarin words included in the index?
  • A: Tolkien Index only provides a page reference index for names, and there are other projects which list and provide glosses for the Elvish words included in, for example, issues of Parma Eldalamaberon and Vinyar Tengwar.

  • Q: Is this intended as a complete index of all articles published in Vinyar Tengwar and Parma Eldalamberon?
  • A: No. Only the texts by J.R.R. Tolkien (and, in general, the editors' notes) published in these journals are indexed. For detailed information, see the index logs.

  • Q: Why do you have some random index entries for names in volumes of The History of Middle-earth?
  • A: In some cases, where a name is very rare or obsolete, references to The History of Middle-earth are also given. Note, however, that Tolkien Index does not intend to provide a complete index for The History of Middle-earth series (which instead can be found in a separate volume from HarperCollins: The History of Middle-earth Index).

  • Q: Why don't you have any descriptions of the names appearing in Tolkien Index? I have no idea what some concepts are supposed to mean!
  • A: It is assumed that users of Tolkien Index will, in most cases, be searching for a specific name, trying to find more information about the concept. We do have a basic and uncomplicated categorisation system (which does provide hints about the nature of the concept), where the entries are placed in either "Persons, Beasts and Monsters", "Places", "Things" (categories appearing in The Lord of the Rings Index), or "Real-world" (for concepts outside the Legendarium of Middle-earth). In most cases a link is provided to the Tolkien Gateway's entry if extant; you will find a quick link in the left navigation bar.

  • Q: There is a name in one of the publications (said to be indexed here) which I cannot find in your database. Why is that?
  • A: There are two possibilities: (1) it may be that the publication is currently being indexed, and that the name has therefore not yet been added (see Projects); (2) it may also be that an index entry has been overlooked — if this is the case please let us know.

  • Q: I have found an error on Tolkien Index. How do I report it?
  • A: Please contact us using our contact form and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

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