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Symbols and abbreviations

  • Symbols and usage
    • Page references in square brackets ("[X]") indicate an editorial mention of a name in the source (it is also used for instances where a name is quoted from another source[1]).
    • Page references in normal brackets/parentheses ("(X)") indicate an uncertain or implied mention of a name.
    • Text in italics indicate alternative forms (used in the source) of the indexed name or briefly quote a context from the source.
    • Text in square brackets (used sparingly) indicate comments by the editors of the Tolkien Index.
  • Abbreviations
    • PE = Parma Eldalamberon
    • VT = Vinyar Tengwar
    • The History of Middle-earth
      • LT1 (I) = The Book of Lost Tales, Part 1
      • LT2 (II) = The Book of Lost Tales, Part 2
      • LB (III) = The Lays of Beleriand
      • SM (IV) = The Shaping of Middle-earth
      • LRW (V) = The Lost Road and Other Writings
      • RS (VI) = The Return of the Shadow
      • TI (VII) = The Treason of Isengard
      • WR (VIII) = The War of the Ring
      • SD (IV) = Sauron Defeated
      • MR (X) = Morgoth's Ring
      • WJ (XI) = The War of the Jewels
      • PM (XII) = The Peoples of Middle-earth

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  1. However, in most cases where a lengthy quote is provided in the source material being indexed, the names appearing in the quote are not indexed. (For such cases, see the individual index logs.)