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Log and information for the Index for Parma Eldalamberon #20:

  • Description of the source: J.R.R. Tolkien, "The Qenya Alphabet", in Parma Eldalamberon XX (edited by Arden R. Smith).
  • Edition of the source used for the index compilation: 2012 (1st).

  • Date announced as completed: 2 October 2012.
  • Notes: References to published works in the footnotes are (in general) not indexed. References to common sources (PE, VT, HoME) in the editor's text are (in general) not indexed. The list of documents on pp. 5-6 is not indexed. Languages in the section "Phonetic Symbols Used by Tolkien" (pp. 9-13) are not indexed (besides footnote 10). The section "Acknowledgements" (p. 14) is not indexed.

  • Entries not indexed: Reallexikon der Germanischen Altertumskunde [6], [158]; Johannes Hoops [6], [158]; Oxford paper passim; Roman numerals [7]; Christopher Tolkien [not merely a reference] [7-8]; The Etymologies [8]; "Conversation with Smaug [8 (footnote 7)]; The History of The Hobbit [8 (footnote 7)]; birds 17 [general note: since the documents in PE20 do not deal with the legendarium, further references to animals will not be noted here]; Gehenna 20; Queen's College 24; Michaelmas Term 24; Dragon School [26]; John Andrew 50; Gotham 51-2; Thames 58, 65; french 64, [69]; John Ronald Reuel Tolkien [in tengwar or Rúmilian script] 83-4; Anna Livia Plurabelle 88-[9]; Liber euangeliorum (Evangelienbuch) [109]; Wilhelm Braune, Ernst A. Ebbinghaus [109]; Magdalen [college] 114; Smith Professor of English Language and Germanic Philology [118]; Roman letters 121-2; Twelfth Century Homilies In Ms. Bodley 343: Text and Translation [121]; "Old King Cole" 148; Norwich 154; Little Polly Flinders 155; Little Tommy Tittlemouse 155; Humpty Dumpty 155; Lady Lee 155