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Log and information for the Index for Vinyar Tengwar #42:

  • Description of the source: J.R.R. Tolkien, "The Rivers and Beacon-hills of Gondor" (edited by Carl F. Hostetter) & other manuscripts ("Negation in Quenya" and notes on Eglador/Eriador), in Vinyar Tengwar, Number 42, July 2001
  • Edition of the source used for the index compilation: The Collected Vinyar Tengwar, Volume 5b (printed by Lulubooks 2007)

  • Date announced as completed: 5 November 2011
  • Names occurring in Tolkien's texts: all (indexed from page 4 to page 34)
  • Names occurring in the editors' texts: (indexed from page 4 to page 34); note that lengthy quotes from other sources by the editors (and CT) have not been indexed (e.g., as on pp. 22-3).

  • Entries not indexed: Thonador 4; The Lord of the Rings 6, 19, 27; Púkel-men [9]; Bay of Belfalas [9]; Dwarves, Moria, Silvan Elves, Lórien [JRRT quoting LotR] 12; the Appendices 14