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Log and information for the Index for Vinyar Tengwar #43:

  • Description of the source: J.R.R. Tolkien, "'Words of Joy': Five Catholic Prayers in Quenya — Part One" (edited by Patrick H. Wynne, Arden R. Smith, and Carl F. Hostetter), in Vinyar Tengwar, Number 43, January 2002
  • Edition of the source used for the index compilation: The Collected Vinyar Tengwar, Volume 5b (printed by Lulubooks 2007)

  • Date announced as completed:
  • Notes: Editors' mention of names not directly related to the manuscript are not indexed. Editors' footnotes not directly commenting the manuscript are not indexed. Editors' references are not indexed.

  • Entries not indexed: Eruanno [6]; The Lord of the Rings [6]; [lengthy quote from the Letters not indexed] [7]