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  • Added Wingildi for PE14, check earlier publications.
  • Plotz declensions, check VT:6
  • athelas: lowercase in PE17:49?
  • Change name of "Tom Bombadil (poem)"?
  • tengwi/tengwa: no connection to tengwar? (same with ëa, Eä?)
  • Make entries from East and West Danian!
  • The automatic categorization of entries yields some strange (or rather wrong) index entries for certain alternative forms of names, cf. Ossiriandeb (perhaps it would be good to be able to override the automatization in such cases, and add the index category to the redirect). - (cf. Bëor, Haudh-en-Elleth, Aredhel, Moriquendi, Talath Dirnen, Olwë; Altariellë, Laiquenderin, Boromir, Baranduin, Deldúwath, Erebor, Tauron)

"X 1, 2, 3" indicates that the name X is mentioned briefly on pages 1, 2, and 3. "X 1-3" indicates that the name X is discussed over pages 1 to 3.

  • Perhaps note that occurrences of "Allen & Unwin waste paper", and similar phrases, are not indexed under "Allen and Unwin".
  • Check that Íverin appears in Cat:I.


  • Telḿaithron (PE14:13), add a macron.
  • Cf. balí-ndóre[sic], VT45, p. 7

Entries not found in the HoMe Index

but found in the HoMe volumes.

Entries to delete?

  • sundóma
  • fea/hroa


Standardizations needed:

  • Elemmírë
  • Haldir
  • Singular/plural: Huorn, Mûmak; Silmaril(s) (as appearing in the HoMe Index); Fëa
  • Morben/Avari/Dark-elves/Mornedhel/Moriquendi
  • Should Cat:Real-world also contain such "non-real", literary/mythological concepts as Apollo, Diana, King Arthur, Juno, Hades, etc.?


Entries which are tricky to categorize and/or not categorized in the LotR index:

Special cases


  • Check the language abbreviations, "B", etc.
  • p. 128 - EQ, LQ, OQ


  • Check Tom Bombadil poems.


  • Religion: VT42:21-2

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