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Log and information for the Index for Parma Eldalamberon #15:

  • Description of the source: J.R.R. Tolkien, "Sí Qente Feanor and Other Elvish Writings", in Parma Eldalamberon XV (edited by Christopher Gilson, Arden R. Smith, Patrick H. Wynne, and Bill Welden)
  • Edition of the source used for the index compilation:

  • Date announced as completed:
  • Notes: References to published works in the footnotes are (in general) not indexed. References to common sources (PE, VT, HoME, GL) in the editor's text are (in general) not indexed. Acknowledgements and List of Abbreviations are not indexed.

  • Entries not indexed: swallow [bird] [9 (note 4)]; Etymologies [9 (note 5)], Tale of Turambar [9 (note 6)]; quote by Christopher Tolkien on p. 9 (note 8) not indexed; Simfi [10 (note 15)]; quotes on p. 10 (notes 17, 20), not indexed